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You can enter a competition if you are a financial member of the club (associate members are ineligible to enter competitions). We have competitions in both print and projected images.

There are two grades: Open grade for less experienced photographers and an  Advanced grade for more experienced photographers.

For all the details of entry into competitions please refer to the Competition Rules (include link).

Print sizes - Prints may be mounted or un-mounted, and no larger than 406mm by 508mm (16inches by 20 inches).

Panoramic prints must be no longer than 644mm (25.4 inches) on their longest side and 260mm (10.3 inches) on the shortest side (including the mount) being the measure of two A4 sheets laid end to end.

Projected images - the file size for projected images is 1920 by 1200, and no larger than 2MB.

 Competition Rules

Competitions for 2019

 Monthly competitions,  Print and projected images.

There are Set Subject and Free Choice competitions.

Set subjects for 2019

The Atkins Annual Project: South Australian Built Environment This is an annual competition sponsored by Atkins Photo Lab.

Built Environment refers to aspects of our surroundings that are built by humans, and are distinguished from the natural environment.

It encompasses all forms of building (housing, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, etc.), civil engineering infrastructure that supports human activity such as transportation networks, utilities networks, flood defenses, telecommunications, etc. The image must be taken within South Australia.

Monthly Competition Set Subjects

1. Curves – (no definition!! - let your imagination go wild)

2. A song or movie title – Produce an interesting image that illustrates a song or movie title. It can be a literal translation (for example, an image of a person in a thinking posture for the song title ‘Imagine’) or a figurative translation (for example, an image the product of your imagination of a song/movie title).

3. Harvest (any produce/crop etc) – As a noun, harvest means the process or period or product of gathering in. As a verb, it means the action of picking and collecting crops, plants, animals, fish, etc. For this category, other figurative/metaphorical meanings of ‘harvest’ are encouraged.

4. A split round:

Colour Section: Monochrome with the inclusion of one colour in the photograph.

Monochrome Section: Tree/trees – A monochrome photograph of one or more trees that are the strongest visual element of the photograph.

Annual Competitions: - Entries close 15th October

(there is only one grade for all annual competitions)

Mid-year, to be judged in July, and the result announced at the end of the year.


·      Photojournalism/Social Documentary

·      Panorama


End of Year competitions (judged in November)

·      Open/Pictorial

·      People and/or Portraiture

·      Nature

·      Architecture

·      Creative and/or Experimental


How to enter

Open the Edwardstown Photographic Club website and find the Competitions heading.

The club uses a PhotoComp program to manage our entries.

The entries close at 11.59pm one week before the competition judging.

Open the "Competitions Upload page" and find the competition that you are entering.

Ensure that you have selected the correct competition name and date.  Ensure you enter in the correct Grade!

The program will tell you if your file is too big and if so please resize your images to

1920W by 1200H (maximum sizing) (2MB limit).


Follow the program prompts to enter. Bring your prints to the Club by 7.30pm the following week.  You don’t need to print off the entry form, unless you want to keep it as a record.

Competition Upload Page